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The President's Message
الجامعة العربية الامريكية
In the Name of God,
The coming is the fourteenth year of the AAUJ and the eleventh graduation ceremony of a new group of our outstanding students who will complete their graduation requirement with high spirits of challenge, hard work and hope. Now, as the AAUJ has proved its existence in the academic map locally, nationally and internationally, it’s the time to make a change in the academic, administrative and social levels to be classified as one of the best universities in the world. Our main goal is Excellency in teaching and development of creative thinking in addition to producing students of cultural knowledge as well with loyalty to their country and homeland. Of course, we won’t forget our intelligent teachers who without their great efforts nothing will be achieved. its our ultimate goal that we work hard for to get to a complete interaction with the local society in various fields. We will do our best to enhance scholarships and scientific research work in addition to introducing new programmes and using updated new technology to improve the learning and teaching process. Doubtlessly, all of this can’t be achieved unless we work in the spirit of one single team. So, great thanks and best regards to our dear students, outstanding academic and administrative staff and all the workers who participate in developing this great academic institution.
With all my best wishes and great regards.
Professor Mahmoud Abu Muis.
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